Highlight your experience and qualifications beyond test scores and grades.

Want you to write a statement of purpose for me for the application process for the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences MPH Program at UTHealth and the University of Iowa Environmental Health Sciences.

The guidelines for the statement of purpose are and my responses:

Describe why you are a compelling candidate for admission: I have recently found a passion for the field. With COVID-19 changing the way we work, it’s important to keep workers safe. I am a passionate public speaker that loves to present papers or research when given the chance.

Explain why you want to be in a specific area of public health study: I want to study industrial hygiene and Occupational Health and Safety to improve workplace safety. I find it interesting of how you can use the complex nature of science to keep people safe in the workplace

Highlight your experience and qualifications beyond test scores and grades: Have worked for ExxonMobil and Moderna as a contractor. My job in Moderna is to look at safety reports of the Moderna vaccine. ExxonMobil is more data entry of the SDS of different chemicals

Include your professional goals: Become a certified Industrial Hygienist and work for a government agency like OSHA or NOAA or a large company.
Address any areas of weakness in your application: My undergrad GPA for Biology is low (2.25) but I did a postbacc certificate program at College of the Mainland with a higher
GPA (4.0) in the lower level safety courses.

Though my path to the safety field is not a straight one,became passionate about it nonetheless. I was interested in studying medicine before but it was the nature of helping people that I felt so attracted to the field. The same desire to help people translated to industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety.