Identify and discuss the connection between people, processes, and technology.

Course objectives 

Follow the instructions given below. This assignment is worth 20 points. Please read this entire document before you begin working on the assignment, so you know what is expected. Complete this assignment before the due date and submit your results on Canvas to be graded. If you have questions about how to complete this assignment,  schedule a time to meet with me during student hours or send questions to me by email.
1. Use MS-Word to create a document named course-objectives.docx to answer the questions that follow.
Include at the top of your document the assignment name, the course number and section, my name, and your name. include each assignment question and number in your document to give the proper context for your response.  use complete sentences when answering each question and be sure to check your work before submitting it on Canvas .
2. Given the course objectives below,  briefly discuss for each objective (i) why it is considered a core skill for the study and practice of informatics, (ii) an example of how it was illustrated during this course, and (iii) how you may use it in your future work as a student and working professional.
• Discuss the connection between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.
• Identify, acquire, and generate trusted data.
• Identify and discuss the connection between people, processes, and technology.
• Apply the techniques of continuous improvement.
consider how you format and present your responses. Please remember that your goal is to clearly and effectively communicate your responses to the reader.
3. Submit your course-objectives.docx document on Canvas before the due date so you can participate in at least one document review cycle with me. This review cycle is part of the assignment. Feedback will be provided to you using Canvas or the Review features of MS-Word.