What was the Berlin Wall and how did it fall?Explain your answer.

Friedman’s first three flatteners coincide with technological advances. However, the fall of the Berlin Wall was a political and legal force as it took place within Germany. It can also be argued as a demographic force, as the pressure came from civil unrest . Windows, Netscape, and workflow all contributed to wiring the world and bringing sociocultural forces together.

The following six forms of collaboration deal with all forces. Outsourcing, offshoring, and supply chaining engage in economic, technological, and sociocultural forces. Political and legal forces may constrain the operations of organizations .

Uploading and informing involve technological forces and are subject to people from various demographic backgrounds.

Insourcing is made possible through technological forces, as UPS makes it possible for companies never to touch their products. The last flattener, steroids, also represent technological forces.


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