Can youth become emancipated in this province?How?

Journal Entry

This assignment is a journal entry, not a formatted paper. All questions need to be answered with 2 to 3 sentences.

Youth-in-care legislation in 3 provinces

Choose the provinces you want to research for these questions.

How do youth end up in care in this province?

What rights do the youth have?

Can youth become emancipated in this province?How?

What housing options are provided to you (foster care, group homes, semi-independent living, etc.)

Experiences of youth-in-care in 3 provinces

Stay with the 3 provinces you chose.

How do youth involved in the system say it actually is?

In a separate summary, you should give the provinces a grade based on how closely the reality of the system (in the eyes of the affected youth) matches the intentions of the legislation and best practices.