Discuss campaign funding of Congressional candidates.Identify and explain one reform.

Be at least one paragraph, 5-7 sentences, per question set (meaning numbers 1,2,3, etc should be about one paragraph in length each)demonstrate a clear engagement and understanding of the course material, critical application of the concepts or terms should include clear grammar and sentence structure
Cite any evidence used from the text or outside source (this is important, if you don’t cite, turnitin.com will report it to me as plagiarism)be typed, Calibri and 12-point font.

1. Explain gerrymandering and the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives. Do you think gerrymandering is a form of voter suppression, why or why not?

2. Discuss campaign funding of Congressional candidates.Identify and explain one reform. Do you think there are enough restrictions, why or why not? What reform would you implement?

3. Find your representative at the U.S. House website https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative (91007) and then explore his or her website and social media accounts to see whether the issues on which your representative spends time are the ones you think are most appropriate. In your response be sure to include:
their name,
a picture of your representative,
their political party affiliation,
when they first assumed office in the House of Representatives,
a committee they serve on, and
what they have done for your district.

4. Explain the role of committees in Congress. Explore the different committees that each chamber has.
Select the one that interests you the most for the House of Representatives https://www.house.gov/committees and the Senate https://www.senate.gov/committees/index.htm .Make sure it is not a joint committee. Answer the following questions:
Why did you choose this committee? What does it do?
Who is the chair of the committee?
Name one thing the committee is working on.

5. What changes would you make to the process of a bill becoming a law? Do you think the process is just?