Does he use the OT, and if so, how?Does he draw on other relevant traditions or backgrounds?

Galatian 3:27-28

This Chicago-style Exetegical paper. prefer the focus on Gal. 3:27-29, but if you will work better, including Galatians 3:22-29.Let me know.

Read this instruction very carefully. don’t have much time for back and forth, so we will not have a problem if you follow the instruments.

1)The structure is (a) Introduction, (b) body, and (c)conclusion. The introduction must introduce the thesis, “To appropriate Christ’s finished work, one must be baptized into Christ because it unifies the body of Christ, dismantles the oppressive concepts of race, gender and class/status.”Followed by you giving the steps to what will happen in the body of the paper. Do not use the introduction to summarize what Galatians says in the passage.

2) In the body are the introduced steps coming to life. And In this paper, describe what you can about what informs Paul’s writing in the passage. Issues may include the following: Does he use the OT, and if so, how? Does he draw on other relevant traditions or backgrounds? What are the important issues in the social/cultural/historical/literary context in this passage, and why? In what ways does Paul seek to influence his audience (such as persuasion, appeal to authority, or other means)? What is Paul addressing, and why?

3)Conclusion; signpost or the conclusion should set forth what the paper has accomplished precisely (keep the thesis in mind and rewrite it for the ending), including the steps argued in the paper. Avoid quoting secondary sources in your conclusion, and do not introduce new material. You are showing what the paper has already accomplished.

Must include 3–4 academic level single-volume commentaries (level peer-reviewed journal articles). You can get these from online academic libraries. Lastly, please watch your grammar and word structure. Thank you in advance!