Explain any graphics, legends, or pictures.A written case description should accompany the Ecomap.

Eco-Map Assignment

Students will provide a case study they choose, prepare an Ecomap based off that case study, and write an accompanying paper.Each student will assess a case of their choice to create an Ecomap. A written case description should accompany the Ecomap to explain any graphics, legends, or pictures. A brief history should also be attached.

This paper should be typewritten, double-spaced, legible, use APA formatting. The content should focus on the difference between Genograms and Ecomaps and the use of an Ecomap with the client. The cover page and references do not count as part of the content.

The case Information for the Eco-Map has been attached. Use of interviewing, active listening, consultation with others, and observation of clients can be helpful in developing your demographic information.