Explain in brief terms the root of the problems and shortcomings you have identified in the existing literature.

International Relations of the Modern Middle East

The last and largest component of your assessment for this module is a 3500 words long essay due at the end of the term (for exact date see Canvas).You can either choose from the indicative essay questions which you can rephrase.

Essay Plan Guidelines

1.Essay Question:Choose from module outline or formulate your own. Ideally have a title with a ‘?’at the end. This gives direction and purpose to your research and helps you to remain focused on your argument.

2.Introduction [50-100words]Topic:Describe the problem you want to solve or the question you want to answer.Attract Attention:Say briefly why this problem is important.Argument:Explain very briefly what your solution or answer is. If you adopt a particular theoretical framework introduce it briefly here. At this stage this does not have to be detailed and final.

3.Literature review [100-150words]Problems of existing literature: Describe existing approachesor answers to your question. Make sure you name key authors and/or texts.Why these problems:Explain in brief terms the root of the problems and shortcomings you have identified in the existing literature. Make sure yousay what exactly is the source of their inadequacy or incompleteness. This and the preceding section can be merged.How you intend to address these problems: Describe briefly how you intend to redress the problems you have described above. Make sure your response is logical, i.e. it directly addresses the identified problem and its root. Be brief. Keep elaboration and details for the Argument section.

4.Argument [150-200words]Argument: Describe steps of your argument. Explain what each of them exactly does. Make sure these are linked and have a cumulative thrust, i.e. the argument would not be complete without any of them. If you deploy a particular theoretical or conceptual framework show how it informs yourargument and its different steps.Likely supportive evidence:Indicate what sources, literature, authors you expect to consult and use. Note your list can be indicativeand expanded later foryour main essay. Again this and the preceding section can be merged.

5.Conclusion [50words]Recap and implications: At essay plan stage this section can be very brief restating the main thesis and some tentative reflections on its wider intellectual and/or practical implications.