How does this issue relate to Social Sciences and the “Family and Human Ecosystems” model?

Human Ecosystems Project: Should Public Restrooms Be Gender-Neutral

In this paper, you will write about the topic: Should Public Restrooms Be Gender-Neutral.Have included a pdf file containing images covering the topic in order of the issue summary, the “Yes” argument to the issue by Nico Lang, and the “No” argument from Dr. Elizabeth Vliet Hones. (because they didn’t feature page numbers and my teacher made me buy the physical book not digital) Now the big thing is that this isn’t supposed to be a paper but a PowerPoint but do not have the time right now to make one so write as if you’re making slides of the topic in these instructions from the professor:

PowerPoint slides – you must respond to the following points:

Identify the topic.

What is the central issue of the topic being discussed?

Who was each of the authors’ intended audience? And how do you know?

What is the summary or abstract of each argument?

What are each of the two sides saying to dispute or support the argument?

What are the apparent underlying assumptions for each of the arguments?

What allowed you to take an unbiased approach to the arguments? Did the assumptions you had about the issue before reading the articles change or remain the same?

What questions did the arguments raise in your mind?

What are the writers’ credentials, purpose, and motivation for writing?

Where do the writers disagree about the facts or the interpretation of the facts?

Where do the writers disagree about underlying beliefs, values, or assumptions?

What forms of persuasion are being used? How are the authors’ each using pathos, logos, and ethos in their arguments?

What was left out of the arguments, either because the author might not have wanted you to know, or because the author was not thorough? How did this affect your response to the argument?

How does this issue relate to Social Sciences and the “Family and Human Ecosystems” model?

How is this issue relevant to now?

Evaluate whether or not you feel the author’s argument was valid, successful and/or persuasive.