Identify economic, political, technological and socio-cultural forces and their impact on food and beverage operations.


Individual Report

Select a foodservice company and discuss its position in the industry segment* it operates. You will need to:

• Analyse the external environment that it operates.

• Analyse the company’s competitive environment global environments. by using the Five Forces Framework.

• Critically evaluate the business level and corporate level strategies it adopts to expand its operation and increase its market share.

• Discuss the risks that it faces in the current business environment.

• Provide recommendations on how the company could mitigate the risks that is exposed to and how it could improve its position in the market.

*The company may operate in any segment of the industry e.g. QSRs, casual dining, premium dining,coffee market.

You must use relevant academic literature and industry articles/reports to support your

arguments. You can also include Appendices in your work.

Food and beverage businesses nowadays operate under constant change in complex and turbulent
national, regional and global environments. This module will enable students to identify and analyse
the key factors that challenge and drive the food and beverage business landscape globally. Tools
and models for analysing the environment and modes of international entry will be explored and
discussed. Students will have the opportunity to explore and evaluate disruptive forces, such as,
technology, changing demographics, consumer trends, and food and beverage trends in the wider
food and beverage environment.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of this module are to:

• To examine the changing nature of the business environment and its impact on food and

beverage businesses.

• To identify, assess and evaluate changes in the environment under which food and beverage

organisations operate and to manage and plan strategically appropriate responses.

• To explore and discuss the drivers of globalisation and their interplay with the external and

internal business environment.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be expected to be able to:

• Critically analyse the competitive nature of the external environment and how it influences

food and beverage operations.

• Identify economic, political, technological and socio-cultural forces and their impact on food

and beverage operations.

• Critically understand how internal environmental forces limit or contribute to the growth of

an organisation.

• Apply and use relevant models to analyse the environment in which food and beverage

businesses operate.

• Critically evaluate the risks and opportunities that trends offer to food and beverage