Identify potential barriers or challenges to the success of your plan.

THIS IS BASED OFF THE Omar case scenario & Exam & answering all the below questions!In this paper, you must outline and discuss the major content phases of the planning process. You should utilize all relevant course material and display and reference theoretical foundations and models which have been learned in Social Work Theory and Methods I and II. Clearly state in your paper how the theories and models that are mentioned relate to your planning process.

As the foundation for the plan, use an assessment of the provided case study and make sure your assessment covers as many of the relevant items in the Social history as applicable and contains a narrative that pulls the items together and gives a view of the client (This was your exam). Your assessment will not be graded as part of the planning paper assignment, but it will assist you in developing a path towards a logical and effective planning paper.

When developing your plan, make sure you clearly consider and indicate in the planning paper the following:

Does your plan follow the SMART model; if so briefly explain how? (Specific Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely)

What elements of diversity are you taking into consideration as you develop the plan?

What NASW values/ethics related to social work are relevant to this client?

What social and/or political determinants of health should be considered?

Is there any unresolved trauma?What economic factors might you have to consider in developing the plan?Discuss how your plan will be implemented.Identify potential barriers or challenges to the success of your plan.Select at least one program/resource that relates to your client population that you can use as part of the intervention and as a resource in your plan; briefly explain the program and how to make contact with the resource: Ex: family with small children and economic needs: (SNAP or WIC program).How will you evaluate if your plan is working? Make the evaluation substantial and not just a 1- 2 line statement. What evaluative tools will you use?When will you terminate the case?