Identify the criteria they should consider in this decision, then make a recommendation as to what would be best for them.



For the Chapter 9 Case Analysis, read the case description for Case 9-1: Closet Concepts, Ltd., which I have attached. As the case narrative states, Closet Concepts, Ltd., is considering offering an online marketing channel for the sale of its products, and is considering the use of a 3PL to manage/provide logistics distribution services for the online orders.

1. Identify the specific 3PL services that they shouldoutsource, and why. Use the details of the current CCcapabilities and deficiencies to justify your choice.Should CC use a separate distribution facility for theironline orders.

2. Identify the criteria they should consider in thisdecision, then make a recommendation as to whatwould be best for them.

3. Should CC use their own fleet to ship online orders, orshould that be handled by the 3PL, or by a serviceprocured by the 3PL?

The report should be in the form of an executive memo, with you as the consultant hired to develop a 3PL strategy for the CCL leadership team. Put yourself into the role: the report should be directed to the CCL leadership team specifically. Answer all questions in as much detail as possible; graphs and maps are welcome if you’d like, but if they are included, they must be addressed and explained. The executive memo should be no more than two pages: detailed, but succinct.