mention what you are doing right now-how many credits/courses/terms done and how many left.
Assignment# 2Requirements:
Write a5paragraphessay within 400450words about your future academic and professional goals. Try to answer as many questions as possible from below in three of your body paragraphs; however,indicate your focus in each of your topic sentences of that particular paragraph. If you reach your goals, what will happen? How will you reward yourself after achieving your goals? Mention it in your conclusion.
In your first paragraph, mention what you are doing right nowhow many credits/courses/terms done and how many left. How long it might take to finish your program at CC. Are you aiming at having any other academic qualification after receiving your Associates of Arts Degree?Explain what it is.
Are your academic and professional goals interconnected, meaning if you achieve your academic goal, will that help you to achieve your professional goal or do you need any other qualificationstraining, licensing, or volunteering?
How/why did you choose these goals?
Who helped you choose these goals?Mention briefly about your research process of finding these goals?Did you do any research about Canadian economy or job market before targeting your goals?
Did you do any research regarding the prerequisites or qualifications of the educational institutions or the organizations where you want to go for study or work
Do you think you have all the personal traits/ skills and qualifications to achieve your goalselaborate?