What are some variables and attributes you want to come up with for the psychological aspect of crime?

Interview 1-2 people via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom (or in-person if they are in your household) who participated in your survey. What did you find? Discuss what you have learned from your interview, in addition to your survey. Include a copy of the interview questions. (Total 2 pages, not including the questions)

Think about what follow-up questions you would like to ask your survey participants. Remember, the goal of interview method is to gain as much information as possible!! It’s also a great method to overcome some of the disadvantages of survey methods. Review some common interview questions shown in our course slides.

What are some variables of interest? What questions are you planning to ask the public? Other than Yes/No, you would need to use matrix questions, contingency questions, and open-ended questions. You should’ve explained more in-depth concerning questions/variables/attritbutes. For example, what are some variables and attributes you want to come up with for the “psychological aspect of crime”? It needs to be a bit more specific.Usually, in surveys, your participants’ responses (perceptions) are your DV because their responses are dependent on your question. Your IV should be those survey questions related to crime.