What is your chosen effective learning strategy?Who were the participants?How was learning studied?

How do we study learning?

Present one recent study on one specific effective learning strategy to your classmates.

Select one effective learning strategy from those mentioned in the lectures or in the textbook.

Using the MQ library multisearch (https://www.mq.edu.au/abouticampus-services-and-facilities/library/multi-search/multisearch). locate one recent (published in the last ten years) research study from a peer-reviewed education or psychology journal. Consult SClmago to confirm that the journal is reputable (01 or 02 ranking in Scimago; see “How to use SCImago” instruction video on iLearn). The study should examine one or more effective study strategies in relation to either early childhood, primary or secondary school students (exclude studies with university or college students).

Answer the following questions:

What is your chosen effective learning strategy?

What is the research question the study you chose aims to answer?Why is this question important?

Who were the participants?

How was learning studied?

Explain how the study aimed to answer the research question.

Explain the learning task(s) used in the study. If the tasks were experimenter designed, consider how close they match typical learning tasks in schools.

What were the main findings and conclusions.

Reference the article using APA r edition style. Format: Max. 4-minute audio-video presentation or max. 600-word written summary (excluding references). Both presentations and written summaries need to follow the above format.

Video presentations can be completed either alone or in groups of up to four students.

Written submissions can include one or two students as authors.