Which sampling technique was used? How were people selected to be interviewed or observed?

For this assignment, you will read and critique the research article written below. Your critique will be a short paper in which you fully address the questions listed below. You will be asked to identify and discuss key components of the study, the researcher behind the study, and the reliability of the study. You will also discuss the ethical considerations taken into account by the researcher.

Article for Assignment:

Schweitzer, D., Chianello, T., & Kothari, B. (2013). Compensation in social work: Critical for satisfaction and a sustainable profession. Administration in Social Work, 37(2), 147-157.

Then, using the outline below, in 3-4 pages, critique the article:

What was the purpose of the study?
What was the need or rationale for this particular study?
Literature Review
What types of sources were used in the literature review?
What themes and content areas were explored?
How does previous literature influence this study’s design?
What was the role assumed by the researcher? What was the person’s training and background?
What was the design selected?
Which sampling technique was used? How were people selected to be interviewed or observed?
What was the sample size?
What data collection strategies were used? Were multiple strategies employed?
What strategies did the researcher use to minimize potential bias (internal and external validity)?
Limitations and Ethics
What are the recognized limitations of the study?
What ethical consideration was addressed?
Did the researcher specify how informed consent, confidentiality, etc. were handled in the field?
Did the author(s) make a clear case for what valuable information was gained from their research? If so, what was learned?
Did the author(s) make clear other avenues of research that should be taken in the future? If so, what was suggested?