Critically evaluate the implications of adopting a predominantly eCRM approach as opposed to a traditional CRM.

Digital Marketing Communications

This discussion question is based on a more academic source than we have used to date, an article by lecturers from the Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki in Greece, which was published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge in 2017. (Article provided in Unit 5 Reading List.)

Firstly, the article explores some of the key differences between traditional CRM and eCRM, and considers some of the implications for organizations in adopting a predominantly eCRM approach, several of which are illustrated above. The article then introduces us to the concept of Social CRM:

“In addition to eCRM there is also another new trend of CRM, called Social CRM. Social CRM is a customer relationship management process that provides communication through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. A business can create a particular page, usually called fan page, for the company in different social media sites, to quickly get information about users, who are interested in their products. In response to customer comments, a business can reply quickly to their questions, potential negative feedbacks, or product problems either by posting new comments, or by communicating with personal messages. By using Social CRM, companies can get higher reputation through offering the best possible solutions and suitable products to customers.”

Students from The Technological Institute were asked to devise social CRM strategies in collaboration with three family-owned businesses based in Greece using the InCISIV framework, which is discussed in the journal article.

Choose any family owned business based in your country which you think needs to adopt a more robust digital marketing strategy.

Briefly introduce your business and describe why you have chosen it for this discussion question.

For the benefit of your owners:

Critically evaluate the implications of adopting a predominantly eCRM approach as opposed to a traditional CRM approach using the graphic illustrated above. You should contextualize this response to the business that you have chosen.

By considering one or more of the conceptual frameworks analyzed in the journal article (such as InCISIV), outline a social media strategy for your chosen organization.Note that you are not expected to conduct any primary research in the way that the students did in the article, and that you can make assumptions where information is not available to you.

You should aim for a submission of around 750 words for this discussion question.