Describe the dilemma including a brief discussion of the background and history of the problem.

Exploring the ethical dilemma of confidentiality

A final paper will be submitted at the end of the course. The objective of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate the ability to analyze complex moral issues and structure ethical decisions for social work practice. The proposed topic can either focus on 1) a case that has ethical implications or 2) an analysis of ethical problems emerging from organizational functioning and operations or organizational policy. This assignment gives students the opportunity to reflect on an ethical dilemma from their field experience and apply course learning to a real situation experienced in your field setting (New York Presbyterian Brooklyn methodist hospital). Resolution of the ethical dilemma (which is confidentiality) will require you to draw upon literature, theory, models for resolving ethical dilemmas and the Code of Ethics. Students are required to use recent scholarly resources. Furthermore, you are expected to refer to the course readings. The paper should follow the Include the following sections in your paper:

Introduction -Identify and discuss an ethical dilemma from practice -present a description of the issue, explaining relevant facts and clearly stating the central ethical dilemma(s); describe the dilemma including a brief discussion of the background and history of the problem.Why this is an ethical problem as opposed to an everyday operations or “business” problem?

Conclusion:Conclude by discussing how this ethical dilemma may have influenced your professional thinking and development.