Determine whether your subject needs to be narrowed or broadened.

Revising and Editing for Usability

Identify strategies for revising your draft by reviewing its subject,purpose, readers, and context of use.
While you were drafting the document, you revised as you wrote. You paused to
sharpen your ideas, reconsider your purpose, and adjust the design. Now that
the document is drafted, you can start revising it as a whole.
Revision is a process of “re-visioning” the document. In other words, you
are trying to see your document from a variety of perspectives, looking for ways
to improve it.
To revise (re-vision) your document, look back at your initial decisions
about the text’s subject, purpose, readers, and context of use at the beginning of
your writing process.
Determine whether your subject needs to be narrowed or broadened.
How has your subject changed or evolved?
In what ways did you limit or expand the scope of your subject while drafting?
Where has your document strayed from the subject? If it has strayed, should
the additional content be removed, or do other parts of the document need
to be adjusted to fit the new aspects of the subject?
Make sure the document is achieving its purpose.
Where exactly does the document actually achieve your original purpose?
Has your purpose become more specific, or has it broadened?
If the purpose has shifted, what kinds of adjustments to the document are
Looking back at your original profile of your readers, think about
the characteristics of the primary readers and other possible readers.
What additional need-to-know information should be added to help the primary readers make a decision?
Where have you not fully anticipated your readers’ values and attitudes?