Discuss the evidence that a disruption of astrocytic networks may lead to depressed behaviour.

Biological Foundation ofMental Health

Summative Essay InstructionsYour summative essay is your finalised essay,and this is what will be graded. Please remember this is anessay that must answer one of the 3 questions provided below by focussing on 4 to 6 research papersof your choice (these can be papers discussed in the module lectures, core or additional reading but can also come from your own independent research on the topic as long as they are clearly relevant).

Module: Biological Foundation ofMental HealthDate: July2021The formatmust bethat of the scientific essay as outlined in the Coursework Guidanceyou can find in the assessment section of the module on KEATS. The word limit for your essay is 1500 words + 10%, that is, 1650 words. The penalty for exceeding this limit is a deduction of 5 marks, and words beyond this will not be considered. The word count includes everything in the main body of the text headings, tables plus table legends, figures plus figure legends, intext citations. We do not allow footnotes or appendices. If you do use figures or tables in your final essay,make sure these are clearly linked to the text and that these clearly aid the reader’sunderstanding of your writing. The Reference list at the end of your essay is not included in the word count.The title of your chosen essay should be included unmodified at the beginning(note that this is not included in the word count).For your final submission, you need to download the Final Essay Submission Documentfrom the assessment section of the module on KEATS, fill in the Coversheetand add your essay to the same Word document.do not edit the Coversheet. Essays missing the Cover sheet may not be accepted.Before starting on your essay question read the general Coursework Guidance provided in the assessment section on KEATS carefully. Essay Questions:Discuss the lines of evidence, which suggest that astrocytes may play a role in depression. Discuss the evidence that a disruption of astrocytic networks may lead to depressed behaviour.You are working on an exciting project that will involve induced pluripotent stem cells(iPSCs) and have been tasked with generating thesecells. Critically discuss how you willgenerate the iPSCs, including what considerations you willtake into account.Is elevated dopamine synthesis capacity present in all patients with schizophrenia?