Discuss the integration of race, gender and economics in sport.

Essays provide an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts. Papers must be typed, double spaced, and be a minimum of 3 full pages and maximum of 4 pages,do not include any headers or your name on the paper. Margins should be one inch. Grades will be based on clarity, originality, and how well you incorporate course concepts in to your paper.Waiting until the last minute guarantees you will turn in a first draft. First drafts are rarely any good. Grammar and spelling count.

Answer the following prompt in essay format. Keep in mind that spelling and punctuation count and that first drafts are never any good. Your answers/arguments will be much clearer if you take the time to edit and proofread your work. The purpose of these essays are to demonstrate your knowledge of the readings and lectures. Provide your educated opinion and use sources to support your beliefs. Make sure you cite your sources in-text and with a reference page. You may use APA or MLA.
For this essay, discuss the integration of race, gender and economics in sport. Then select the one you think is the most important in sport today and explain why.use two sources to back up your argument.