Explain the philosophy of the salt to water balance when blanching acid.
Culinary 2 Term Project Chef Moon CEC
Cooking as a whole can be looked at as a combination of different elements working to produce a finished food or dish. Flavors, ingredients, and techniques must all be understood in order to be able to create.Your assignment will be to watch the documentary series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix. This is a fantastic series tha.looks closely at each of these elements from a culinary perspective rather than a scientific one. This series that will introduce you to these elements in a manner that aligns itself to what we do in Culinary.You are to watch the series over the course of the semester. Each episode is about 40 minutes long. For your paper, you will select 2 of the 4 episodes and respond to the following questions about the episodes.Your project will consist of three separate paragraphs, 1 for each episode that you choose and a concluding paragraph.For each episode, use the following as a guide to respond:Discuss the overall role of fat in Nosrat speaks of the 5 distinct textures of fat. Which do you feelis the most important of the 5 and why?Discuss the overall role of salt in foods-How can be salt be “saltier”Explain the philosophy of the salt to water balance when blanching ACID:-Discuss the overall role of acid in foods-What do you think the term “balance” means with regards to acid?-How do you think foods that are not usually considered acidic could be used in cooking?