How will you launch the product?Will you do a one city, one region or larger area?

Branding & Product Development Term Project

Keeping with the Professional Writing assignment from last week:

For the term project you will come up with a product and over this and the upcoming weeks you will add different sections and the last week the final project is a combination of all the previously submitted elements with incorporated feedback have provided.

This week’s assignment you will write about the the research you will do to launch the product. How will you launch the product? Will you do a one city, one region or larger area? Will you sell it retail, online or something else? Take a look and refer to the content provided in the folder to give you ideas. Also take a look at and watch Shark Tank shows – they give great ideas. This section will be included in your final submission.This should be at least 2 to 3 pages and should include details like dates, milestones, locations.

Feedback from my professor last week “This is looking really good here Note on target audience try to add more details in terms of age brackets, income levels, etc.”