Identify the lessons you have learnt from doing the resit

Resit assignment details
Resit submission date: TBC and as shown on Moodle

For students who are offered a resit you are required to improve and resubmit your original work as well as adding a further reflective commentary discussing what you have learned from the process.
You must resubmit your work using the specific resit Turnitin link on Moodle.

You should:
Review your previously submitted work and read carefully the feedback given by the marker.
Use this feedback to help you revisit and rewrite your work, improving it in the areas identified as weak in the original marking process
Include with your resubmission an additional reflective piece (up to 500 words) on what you understand was weak, how you set about addressing this and what you have learned from this that may help you with further assignments. You should address the following specifically:
Identify tutor feedback points on your original work and identify where/how the resit work has changed (give page number) in response to feedback
Identify the lessons you have learnt from doing the resit
Reflect on how your feedback and this process will help you improve future assignments