What 3 big competitive opportunities would your organization bepursuing if it were more agile?

Strategic Leadership for Organizational Change

Ten-Point SA Check list Focus Area Agility Points Questions to Ask Strategy1.Dynamic scenarios&What are 3 industry scenarios that could evolve over the next 36 monthsthat threaten the organization?&What options does your organization have for preempting or respondingto the potential scenarios?Opportunities&What 3 big competitive opportunities would your organization bepursuing if it were more agile?Obstacles&What 3 obstacles exist that prevent your organization from being strategically agile?&What is your organization doing to address these obstacles?Sources of competition&What are 3 new possible sources of competition your organization maynot have explored within the last 6 mo, but could potentially encounter?Potential market disruptions&How could these sources of competition impact your organization andhow might your leadership team avert or respond to them?Market vigilance&What strategy could a competitor pursue over the next year that could cause amajor market disruption?Partnership potential&What strategy would your leadership team have in place to outsmart themajor market disruption considered?&What vigilance strategies is your organization instituting to enhance itsability to quickly sense new market anomalies?&To what extent is your organization taking advantage of sophisticated predictiveanalytics that could anticipate shifting market and business trends?&Which of the organization’s customers represents the best leading indicator offuture market opportunities?&What potential organizations could your institution partner with to drivechanges in the marketplace?ResoRecent destabilizers&Have you made major recent cuts particularly in human resources that couldpreclude your organization’s agility and growth potential?Economic fluidity&How is your organization compensating for recent destabilizing cuts?&Has your organization been able to cut costs to maximize its agility throughfinancial reserves?Leadership10. Internal leadership&Who within the organization can be tapped as an emerging leader who couldaugment the formal leadership team to take advantage of market volatility?&Which portion of the organization needs to be fortified the most to maximize agility?